Welcome to SpiritFit….

Welcome to SpiritFit, a site dedicated to exploring the link between health, fitness, and spiritual growth….

My name is Michael Lloyd-Billington and I am a yoga instructor & personal trainer in Fort Collins, Colorado.  For over 25 years I have been a serious student of nutrition and exercise physiology, seeking the most efficient and powerful ways to experience greater energy and health.  I have also during that same time been an avid student of religion, philosophy, and meditation and hold a degree in comparative religion and Eastern thought from Hampshire College. 

At first blush, this might seem like a bit of a contradiction.  Many of us see matters of the body as utterly distinct from matters of the soul.  And yet traditions around the globe have stressed the connection between our diet, our physical state, and our ability to live our spiritual values.  My goal for this site is to provide the latest information on how we can improve our vitality and fitness as a means to enhance our spiritual awareness and how greater mindfulness in the area of spiritual issues in our lives can in turn allow us to better care for our bodies as instruments of service and growth. 

In the near future you will find articles here on topics ranging from exercise to nutrition to meditation and self-study, all with an emphasis on how they powerfully inform our ability to serve, love, and realize.  I hope you will join me in this exploration and that you will feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences in this important area of personal unfolding….

2 Responses to “Welcome to SpiritFit….”

  1. Caryn Martinez Says:

    Excellent post, Michael! A great start to your blog!

  2. Kay Says:

    Love the name, love the content! You write like a (yoga) wizard and I am looking forward to more (although I am looking forward without attachment:) ) Thanks Michael – you are an inspiration!

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